Heart & Wings: 8 week Mindfulness & Meditation Course

//Heart & Wings: 8 week Mindfulness & Meditation Course

Heart & Wings: 8 week Mindfulness & Meditation Course

$395.00 $345.00

Heart Based Mindfulness Training
A 8 week program with Sydel Weinstein

Mindfulness Training with regular practice will support you in experiencing more calm, focus and connection in your life, strengthening life skills and resilience in today’s challenging times.

Places are limited to ensure a place early booking recommended.
$395 full fee.
$345 early booking. Book before April 5th.
$295 concession



8 Week Heart based Mindfulness Program

“Every one of us already has the seed of mindfulness. The practice is to cultivate it.” Thich Nhat Hanh

Your Facilitator: Sydel Weinstein

Regular Mindfulness & Meditation practice will support you in experiencing more calm, focus, joy, compassion and connection in your life, strengthening life skills and resilience in today’s challenging times.

This course blends time to practice together with practice at home or sitting in nature, alone time.

A range of practices are shared as you journey through the program:
* Mindful laying & Body Scanning
* Mindful Movement – Yoga, dance, and walking.
* Mindful Sitting
* Sound awareness
* Deepening into silence
* Use of imagery

You may be a beginner or practicing for years.
“We’re All Just Walking Each Other Home”
Ram Dass



Session 1: May 5th Sun.10am-1pm
*Introduction to Mindfulness
*Setting Intention
*Body, Breath & Heart Awareness
*Introduction to 3 Heart & Wings (Kindness, acceptance, and loving awareness)
*Sense of ‘Place’
*Taking care of ourselves, the bed of safety

Session 2: June 2nd Sun. 10am-1pm
*Awareness of Emotions/Thoughts
*Awareness of the nature of change and habit
*Awareness of the Witness
*Deepening into Heart & Wings practices
*Wheel of awareness

Session 3:June 30th Sun.10am-1pm
*Mindful communication & relationship
*Awareness of Interconnection
*Metta, Compassion, Loving Kindness
*Our relationship to nature

Each Session is divided into discussion time, sharing of resources & practice time.

PRACTICE is the essence of our programme

DAILY HOME PRACTICE of 20 minutes.
Mp3’s provided

8 Mindful Yoga Classes. Wed nights at 7pm.
We embed our daily practice in this class*
First Wed class May 8th
Last Wed June 26th

*8 Restorative Yoga Classes Friday’s 5.45pm
*PLUS  free attendance to any of Sydel’s Heart Flow Classes!

MATERIALS & RESOURCES Emailed with each session. Folder Provided.

INVESTMENT:                                                                                                                                                    $395 to be paid in advance.
Early Bird < April 5th $345. ($295 concession)
Great value!
*Value of workshops $80 per workshop
*Value of 10 classes $180
*Value of Materials $30
**Total Value is $450 PLUS BONUS CLASSES!!!

*Already attending the Home of Yoga and on a program? – just an additional $210.Email sydel@homeofyoga.com


Our Program is a unique opportunity to commit to 8 weeks of living mindfully with the support of community and mentorship from Sydel.

You receive support for taking mindfulness into your daily life: eating, driving, working, walking, loving, and communicating. As well our support for creating a regular meditation practice.

Our Mindful Yoga Classes are guided mindful movement where we deepen into the practice, as well as space for stillness and silence.

Bonus Restorative Yoga class offer the space for deep resting and self care, as well as ways to sit and lay that are comfortable for our back and body preparing us for sitting and laying meditations.

In our Bonus Heart Flow classes we synchronise movement and breathing deepening into rhythm and coherence. Heart Flow is a healing form of yoga.

Learn simple techniques to balance your stress levels and create a greater sense of calmness, establishing a friendlier relationship with your body and this present moment.

We practice the mindful qualities of acceptance, kindness and non-judgement opening the doors to inner calm and more peaceful moments.

Mindfulness practice can help you to feel more spaciousness in your day, go with the flow and rediscover a sense of wonder.

Regular practice helps us to experience life from a wider perspective, and strengthens our ability to discern and problem solve. We begin to taste life, play, love and gratitude more fully and cultivate a whole new relationship with life.

Mindfulness is an essential skill for navigating the ups and downs of life and emotions that can for all of us be overwhelming at times.

Mindfulness practice is not a fix and does not give answers. It does however help you move from the zone of automatic so many of us gravitate to.

Each person is unique in their journey and respected in their journey. In Mindfulness practice and Mindful Yoga we are all beginners. All our classes are trauma informed.

Who should do this training?

Mindfulness Training is for everyone. All of us are mindful at times and move in and out of mindful awareness.

Mindfulness practice is recommended for all yoga students and teachers and will support you in taking your yoga practice to a deeper level.
Previous Yoga experience is not necessary to commence this program.

Research has shown just 20 minutes of practice a day is an effective way to reduce stress and anxiety and enhance wellbeing. MP3’s provided for daily Practice.

Your facilitator Sydel Weinstein has extensive experience in mindfulness training having run the Mindful Living Program for over 15 years , teaching Mindful Yoga for twenty five years plus lost count!

Sydel starting teaching meditation classes when the Home of Yoga began about 33 years ago. As well Sydel is an experienced trauma focused body therapist and mental health educator. Sydel completed a MBSR training with Jon Kabat-Zinn in 2009 has presented Mindfulness & Mindful Yoga at the BaliSpirit Festival for the last 3 years.

The Home of Yoga is a proud Partner of http://www.actbelongcommit.org.au/
“Act-Belong-Commit is a community-based health promotion campaign that encourages people to take action to improve their mental health and wellbeing. This evidence-based campaign was developed primarily from research undertaken by Curtin University into people’s perceptions of mental health and the behaviours they believed protected and promoted good mental health. The campaign is directed by Mentally Healthy WA at Curtin University, and implemented through health services, local governments, women’s health services and not-for-profit groups.”

“I signed up to the mindful living course with Sydel out of curiosity (not really knowing what it was about) and out of faith that I’d get something worthwhile out of it – simply because I’d already got so much already out of my brief time practising yoga.
The course has given me an insight into some new concepts and tools which I’m excited to explore further.
Personally, it has:
– made me more aware of where my thoughts are at – when they drift to the future or past, my emotions attached to those thoughts, recognising that and then bringing my attention back to the present moment – and the joy to be found living moment to moment.
– Given me tools to deal with stress and anxiety when those feelings come up; and
– like a good yoga session with Sam, tranquility, wholeness, transcendence and all that good stuff after sitting patiently, focusing on my breathing, observing absurd thoughts – even on a cramped Jetstar flight. Go in with an open mind and get something good out of it yourself ” Matt G

“I completed the Mindful Living Program last year and found it one of the most valuable courses I have ever taken. I have used the techniques taught in both my personal and professional life and can not recommend it more highly. Working in the not for profit sector, being a mother of 5 children aged 4-15 and volunteering in the community it was so beneficial to have the space to just be me whilst learning valuable tools to help with the daily stresses of life. Sydel creates a nurturing environment and a truly unique experience. If anyone is unsure about doing this course I would urge you to sign up, you won’t regret it.” Jenni Parker

“I can recommend this program as one of the most valuable lessons in life. It’s a small commitment of time, but will be of the highest value for anyone, no mater where they are in life. Sydel is a Gift. Promise.” Liz Western

“Thank you Sydel and Sam for your nurture and support that made me feel so at home at the Family Nurturing Centre. I have learnt so much from your pregnancy yoga and mindful living programs in the lead up to having my beautiful daughter. Sharing your expertise and knowledge has inspired and prepared me to be a mindful, relaxed and grateful mum who has been blessed with a very happy and contented baby. We both now enjoy your baby yoga c lasses together. Thank you both again!” Kareena


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