Kavisha Mazzella – Empty Sky C.D.Launch – April 3rd

//Kavisha Mazzella – Empty Sky C.D.Launch – April 3rd

Kavisha Mazzella – Empty Sky C.D.Launch – April 3rd


Devotional songs and chants to lift our spirits. Connection and Community.




Join Kavisha Paola Mazzella & Friends for a delightful evening of participatory Devotional Songs & Chants.

Kavisha will be launching her latest CD ‘Empty Sky.- Sacred Songs & Chants’. A long time coming these songs will soothe your soul and are an antidote to these crazy times!

Join in the song and together lets raise our spirits!

CD’s will be available on the night.

Sing for Peace, Sing for Love,
Chant for Peace, Chant for Love.
Dance for Peace, Dance for Love.

Book Soon as Places are Limited.
Intimate concert. 30 seats only.
$32 per ticket see Find Tickets above.
For concessions $25 email sydel@homeofyoga.com

Venue: Heart Place / Home of Yoga

Doors open 7pm for 7.30pm

Bring a Pillow
Bring Friends

Formerly based in Melbourne, Kavisha has returned to WA.

Kavisha Mazzella AM
“A power and presence that’s beyond words” Colum Sands
ARIA award winner and songbird Kavisha Mazzella original song’s lyrical ingredients include humor, poetry, social justice and the spiritual. Combine this prowess with the voice of an angel and you have the experience of a Kavisha concert.
Singing in English and Italian, she will take you on an uplifting boundary-riding journey of well-crafted stories and songs ringing with echoes of Celtic, Fado and Gypsy influences that will strike a resounding chord within.
With 7 solo albums under her belt, she has sung and given vocal workshops at national music festivals and abroad.
In 2011 Kavisha was awarded an Australia Day Honor for her contribution to music and reflecting the experience of refugee, multicultural and indigenous communities through performance.

Drawing from many cultures and spiritual pathways Kavisha creates a total experience that is spiritual, devotional and celebrative.


We are Proud Partners of Act-Belong-Commit

From Kavisha:
“Empty Sky is a meditative singing experience inspired from the devotional Kirtan and Bhajan singing tradition , where everyone gets a chance to feel song and silence
dancing together in that most holy temple …one’s own body.
They say that when a language dies we lose a way of understanding the world!
I say in learning a new language you will get a new way of understanding the world !
Through exploring song, dance and chants from sacred traditions from various cultures around the world ,
we can discover that while there are many different names for
the divine or G-d…we are united in the feeling… and it beats in all of our hearts.
Through singing these songs whether they be sufi, buddhist,hindhu or christian we may discover a shared humanity, empathy and common desire
that people everywhere have to connect with something greater than themselves.They long to connect to the mystery of Life & the Joy of being alive.
Through singing, the vibrations of sound with good intent coming from our hearts has a power to uplift and heal body, mind and spirit
The songs together with the silence are like medicine to love and heal oneself and therefore love others.
Music is the key to the door of silence and silence is the key to the door of music.
In the singing the last note fades into silence and then we enter again into song. And it’s through the rhythm between song and silence that the gift is received .That of
inner space .Finally we can relax and enter a peaceful silence and just to deeply and harmoniously be.”


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