Introduction to Taoist Energetics & Qigong: Stay tune

//Introduction to Taoist Energetics & Qigong: Stay tune

Introduction to Taoist Energetics & Qigong: Stay tune


Andy Green has arrived in Perth!



We are excited that Andy Green will be sharing his depth of experience and journey with us at the Home of Yoga / Heart Place.

Introductory Workshop:
The Introduction to Taoist Energetics & Qigong will cover Taoist energetics & the following Qigong practices:
– 5 element Qigong
– 8 silk brocade
– 1008 fist Qigong
– Immune boosting Qigong
– Bagua Qigong
– sitting practice.

Workshop Investment:
Full Payment $75 concession $60
Early Bird $ 65 Concession $50
Date: Stay tune for further workshops with Andy Green and note a Monday Class is starting at 5.30pm see timetable

More Information:
Qigong is both healing and rejuvenating, connecting us with the body, the life force (chi), and the spirit (consciousness).

Andy Green commenced a daily practice of meditation when he was twenty. He has practiced Tai Chi, Bagua and Qigong for over 40 years, during this time he was taught by different Masters, studied in China at the Shaolin Monastery, and in the Taoist heartland in the Wudang Mountains. He is the director of the Wu Wei School.

Qigong translates as energy-work and the practices taught are for well being.

Andy has also taught yoga for 16 years and is the author of an in depth book on philosophy soon to be released 2020- the excitement is building!


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