Essentials for Restorative Yoga 4 week course- Taking Expressions of Interest

//Essentials for Restorative Yoga 4 week course- Taking Expressions of Interest

Essentials for Restorative Yoga 4 week course- Taking Expressions of Interest

$105.00 $95.00

Learn effective skills for self care, healing & regulation of stress. Our 4 week course includes a personalized take home program



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Learn the Essentials of Restorative Yoga over 4 weeks with Sydel Weinstein. Restorative Yoga poses are passive predominately floor based poses where we settle into positions for longer amounts of time. Often props and supports are used. We complement with simple slow yoga and techniques to destress and reduce muscle tension.

What is included in our course?
> 4 Essential Yoga Classes every Wednesday 5.30pm starting January 8th.
> Optional bonus of 4 Restorative Yoga classes Fridays at 5.30m starting January 10th (Our regular class time for restorative yoga).
> Take home personalised program on completion of the training.

Total Investment $105  – Early Bird Dec 30th $95 – Concession $85

**Option to add on one private consultation on course completion to go over your program and draw from any of the offerings of HeartSpace Body Therapy for $85

Who should attend? Designed with beginners in mind our ‘Essentials of Restorative Yoga’ course will be a perfect grounding for experienced practitioners as well to re-establish practice for the year and set the compass to point home

Anyone with an interest in finding more balance in their lives, gaining skills to reduce stress and facilitated rest. Those wanting to establish a sense of ground, place, belonging and connection. You will benefit if you are interested in preventing or managing burnout, exhaustion, accumulation of stress. If you have a yoga practice that favours more heated and intensive movement you will bring more balance to your practice helping to prevent injuries. Deep rest is basic to all beings, we all need time to ground in slow on a daily basis. You may simply be looking for a community to share practice.

The intention of this course is to support attendees in practices and passive yoga asana’s that regulate the nervous system, calm and cool the body and mind, so you can find more inner balance, peace and space to integrate and digest life experience’s on all levels.

Then we are more effective in balancing work-life and navigating both joys and challenges of life with more focus and clarity simply because we are rested.

We learn how to engage with and release muscle tension through restorative yoga poses, self-massage techniques, and playing with simple movements that trigger our parasympathetic nervous system and initiate a relaxation response.

We weave in mindful awareness and loving intention as well as time to day dream, drift and allow rest to come in its own time.

Classes are trauma informed and through these simple practices we tune into and befriend our physiology, stimulating our natural healing energies and rhythms. Most essentially we become aware of with practice effortless breathing and the natural rhythm of our breath.

Everyone is different yet we will feel our shared humanity and commonalty through the practice. Classes are limited in size so individual attention can be given and personalised programs created on completion the course.

Our practice is grounded in silence, yet there will be times when we complement with simple healing sounds, chants and music. From time to time we may use guided journeying, yoga nidra, mindfulness and meditation.

Each course will adapt to the needs of attendees and feel of the moment. Yet a structure will be followed that covers the basic poses and foundations of restorative yoga and supplementary readings and handouts will arrive in your inbox.

Your facilitator Sydel Weinstein learnt by the side of Sam Weinstein over 30 years of teaching. Sam studied Restorative Yoga, including use of props from his two mentors Swami Satya Pujari and B.K.S. Iyengar. Sydel also completed two trainings with Judith Laster and honed her skills through personal journeying and exploration. Most significantly Sydel gained experience working as a Trauma Informed Body Therapist with Refugees and persons with complex trauma. Sydel originally studied as a Sociologist with interest in Psychiatry and works as a Mental Health Educator, Mindfulness Trainer. Sydel Co-founded the Home of Yoga with Sam Weinstein in 1985


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