Massage / Yoga / Healing / Mindfulness & Stress Management - with Sydel Weinstein

Well-Being Packs ( Gift Vouchers Available)

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Any 3 Sessions: $255.00,  5 Sessions: $360.00, 10 sessions $700.

Private Yoga Sessions

Set aside 70 minutes for these sessions
Cost: $80.00 plus $40.00 if you would like Sydel to create an individualized home program/Information Pack.

Book an additional 30 minute massage of your choice for $45.00 to create a fully rounded care package.

Yoga Foundations

Private yoga sessions designed for beginners or more experienced students who want to reconnect with the foundational poses, details and alignment. They are an excellent beginning for those new to yoga. Sydel will take you through all the foundational yoga asanas supporting you in establishing healthy yoga ‘habits’, the prevention of injury and how to keep your practice fresh . We go over basic introductory concepts and explore your unique needs.

As you evolve it is wise to regularly return to the roots and foundations of your yoga practice.  This is an opportunity to refresh your ‘beginner’s mind’ to keep you ongoing practice alive and flowing.

Sydel draws on twenty years of teaching yoga with her partner Sam Weinstein as well as her experience with restorative yoga, mindful yoga and training with Judith Lasater in the therapeutic applications of yoga.

Developing your Home Practice

We recommend regular attendance at classes for new and experienced yogi’s. However if this is not possible with work-life balance let us help you over a few sessions develop a home practice designed to meet your unique needs.

Mindful Yoga

In Mindful yoga we slow down all the way, deepening our attention to the body and breath, allowing ourselves to drop into the full experience of the moment. Mindful yoga sessions are an excellent way to taste mindfulness and to attune to the body. Slowing down with the presence of a sensitive and experienced yoga teacher also gives the opportunity to understand and explore your yoga ‘edge’, and relationship to your body- mind. It is recommended for all yogi’s to regularly slow down and listen with full mindful attention as part of their general practice.Mindful yoga is particularly useful during recovery from an injury and after recovery and in regaining confidence with your body. Sydel works well with other health professionals as part of a team  approach. Mindful Yoga has the benefits of stress reduction, prevention and management of depression, healing from trauma and boosts overall health and wellbeing.

Restorative / Therapeutic Yoga

Restorative and therapeutic yoga supports your body to let go of tension and connect to your natural harmony. All of us need on a daily basis to create a safe space to attune to our body, let go and rest deeply for at least 20minutes a day. Restorative yoga supports you to do this, as well as learning how to take care of your hips, backs and knees.

Restorative poses are recommended in times stress and healing, as well, all students ideally need a basic understanding and familiarity with the restorative yoga poses. It is recommended to give yourself time to slow down and de-stress before your general practice. In these private sessions the restorative and therapeutic poses will be adapted to meet your unique needs and Sydel can help you develop a home practice for de-stressing or general back and hip care.

Yoga for Pregnancy

Individual tuition in yoga for pregnancy is available if you are unable to attend regular classes or would prefer private lessons. Yoga has a tremendous amount to offer in preparing for birth and parenthood and during the transition time of pregnancy, many begin their yoga path this way. Sydel has years of experience to share with you in yoga, mindfulness training and parenting support.

Yoga for Depression, Anxiety and Trauma

Yoga regularly practiced can play a vital role in helping you to reduce stress and manage and prevent depression. Sydel has a particular interest in trauma sensitive yoga.Recent and on-going research is very supportive of the many benefits of yoga for your mental health.

Massage & Healing Touch

Set aside 70 minutes for these sessions
Cost: $80.00

Add 20 minutes of restorative yoga for deep rest after your massage for $20.00

Sydel’s hands are gifted with strength and a healing touch. As well Sydel has completed various trainings over her thirty years of experience. Her understanding of the body and the mind-body connection has  deepened with her work teaching yoga, mindfulness , body-awareness, and trauma sensitive massage therapy.

Massage have proven benefit for overall health, wellbeing and stress-reduction, as well as being a great accompaniment to other health modalities for recovery from injury and illness. Massage and healing touch is simply the most wonderful way to nourish and care for your self.

Therapeutic Intuitive Massage

With no set technique or method Sydel works intuitively going to where she feels the body most needs to be relaxed seeking to bring balance and integration leaving you deeply rested and nourished.

Healing Touch

Soft nurturing sessions, intuitive healing, Reiki, gentle mindful massage and awareness of breath. Healing touch sessions are recommended when you feel the need for softness and nurturing and also for times of grief, stress and illness.

Pre and Post-Natal Massage

Sydel has lots of experience from her work with the Family Nurturing Center and loves massaging women during pregnancy and early parenthood. Give yourself time to integrate all the changes of pregnancy and parenthood. Gentle and nourishing massage, great for tight shoulders, tired legs and backs, deep rest and relaxation. Gifts of a Massage Voucher are a excellent way to support new mums.

Infant Massage Training

For new mums and dads Sydel will teach you all the infant massage strokes giving confidence in touch, facilitating attachment and bonding. Includes an educational component on the benefits of touch and the nature of attachment. Great present for new parents.

Mindfulness & Stress Management

Set aside 70 minutes for these sessions
Cost: $80.00 plus $40.00 if you would like Sydel to create an individualized stress management program to take home.

Stress Awareness

Helping you to develop a stress reduction plan. We look at techniques to tune into your unique signs of stress and stress triggers and ways to relax and de-stress. As a Yoga teacher Sydel will look at the various styles of yoga e.g. the restorative and therapeutic poses to see what will be most supportive for you. This session is designed to be practical and educational drawing from Sydel’s knowledge as a master mental health first aid trainer and aims to help you to connect to resources available.

Mindfulness Meditation Training for stress Reduction

Mindfulness Training is an essential life skill training and will assist you to deepen your connection to your body, improving overall health and well-being. Regular practice of mindfulness reduces stress levels and helps to prevent and manage depression. Great preparation for birthing and parenthood, and support for everyone in times of change and challenge.