All our Yoga Instructors are trained in Transformational Alignment based Yoga (T.A.B.Y) as visioned by our beloved mentor Sam Weinstein. They teach with heart and love of community and are committed to our shared vision and intention.

Each teacher brings their own style and interests to create a diverse team that meets a variety of needs and brings balance to your week.

From time to time GUEST TEACHERS who are part of our community may share complementary offerings that support our overall vision.

NOTE POP UP teachers operate on a separate economy and this will be noted on the timetable

If you are interested in Teachers trained in T.A.B.Y and teaching at other locations email   


Sam Weinstein (1956-2018) founded with Sydel Weinstein the Home of Yoga Nov 18th 1985. Sam had taught yoga for 42 years never tiring and always passionate, meeting each student with compassion and an invitation to ‘Be Total’ and ‘Love Yourself’. Often repeating ‘Acceptance is Transcendence’ as taught by his first mentor Pujari.

Ed Keays (Swami Satya Pujari) “the yoga legend of consciousness in the 1970’s” launched Sam on his path of yoga and consciousness at a young age.

Read here in Pujari’s own words:

“Dear Yoga World,

I have known Sam Sandesh Weinstein formerly Bob Weinstein since approx. 1976/77. He attended yoga classes taught in the Iyengar Way at my school in San Diego called the “Yoga Institute”. He trained for three years in our teachers training program called  “The Indicator Program”.

Sam completed all my trainings in Unconditional Acceptance, Rebirthing and meditation. He taught first at the novice level and later went on to teach our intermediate classes. He also assisted me in the Unconditional Acceptance Seminars. I came to entrust him with managing my school while I was away. He moved on in the late 70’s to study in India with B.K.S Iyengar who is my long time teacher and friend. Sam continued to study with B.K.S Iyengar for many years off and on. 

Sam had an accident in 1985, which I heard broke his ankle and shoulders and left him with a brain injury. He continued his yoga and we credit B.K.S Iyengar for his intelligent yoga leading Sam to his own discerning practice of Yoga and empowering his body and mind.

I saw when Sam moved to Australia to be with his wife Sydel Weinstein that he opened his own Yoga School and they both taught Hatha Yoga in the tradition learnt from B.K.S Iyengar. They also taught Pregnancy Yoga, as well as
Therapeutic and Restorative yoga.

I have kept track of Sam and Sydel Weinstein over the years and read about their many yoga workshops and retreats taking people to Bali for adventure and good quality Alignment Based Yoga. I have read that Sam continued his yoga studies with many teachers around the world. It is good to see that Sam is still teaching 39 years + after he first started with me. 

 I highly recommend him as a Senior Yoga Teacher of the highest standards and Training. I also count him as a friend and a good human being.”

The yoga institute still runs today run:

Sam was a passionate teacher full of stories of India and life. “He had total faith in all his students, their goodness and their beauty. It is with this faith that he encouraged students to discover themselves and allow transformation.”

Sam’s teaching style, Transformational Alignment Based Yoga, was a merging of detailed Iyengar method, simple hatha yoga, flow, and therapeutic. Stretch, Breathe, Sweat, laugh, a tear or a smile. Geared to all levels emphasizing, “only go to your edge”.

He was forever grateful for Pujari and B.K.S Iyengar for being his key influences in life and to each and every student who came into our studio seeing the light and love in everyone. 


Sydel began her yoga journey at the Adelaide School of Yoga in the 1970’s and would practice from her copy of ‘B.K.S Iyengar’s ‘Light on Yoga’ at home.

Healing, growth and meditation was Sydel’s central interest from her early 20’s and reflected in her academic interest in Eastern Philosophy, majoring in Sociology of Psychiatry, and seeking out of healers and teachers to be mentored by.

Travelling to India and the USA to study meditation Sydel had many adventures of which meeting Sam Weinstein one of the most meaningful.

Re-meeting in Perth they co-founded the Home of Yoga, which became a daily devotion over decades. Sydel learnt Transformational Alignment Based Yoga by Sam’s side and over the years also studied with and was influenced by other teachers in yoga and mindfulness including Judith Lasater, Roger Cole, Jon Kabat- Zinn (Professional MBSR), Simon Borg-Olivier, Tymi Howard & Cat Kabira.

A vital part of their journey was the creation of the Family Nurturing Centre, pregnancy yoga and parent and baby yogawith it’s wider context of yoga as a vehicle for healing not only individuals, also in creating peaceful communities and healing our relationship with each other and the land.

Sydel from early on developed an interest as a mental health educator and trauma researcher in yoga for mental health,Mindful Yoga, Trauma Informed Yoga, Attachment Based Yoga and Mindfulness.

Profoundly influenced by her work as a trauma informed body therapist with refugees this shapes her work today. Heart Flowis a more recent expression of Sydel’s developing interest.


Nadia first attended a pregnancy class in the Swanbourne day’s at 14 weeks pregnant. Her daughter is now 27. Nadia was ‘awed’ by Sam’s teaching and became devoted to her yoga practice often attending daily around parenting and work for over 25 years.

An art teacher by profession Nadia began assisting and eventually over time  teaching. Her classes are strong, detailed, at times challenging and always inspiring.

Nadia’s learning’s in the ashrams of India in her early twenties germinated the seed of her love of yoga and this quality and the spiritual heart of yoga is deeply felt and experienced in all her classes.


Bianca is like a fresh breeze of sunshine when she walks into the room to teach, her love of yoga is contagious. The atmosphere in the room for Yin Yoga has a sense of the sacred and students just enjoy being in the space.

Bianca is versatile as a teacher having a solid grounding and mentorship with Sam Weinstein in Transformational Alignment Based Yoga.  Bianca has also completed many additional trainings – see below.

You will enjoy Bianca’s Early Bird Classes as a great way to start the day energized, focused and relaxed all at once.

We asked Bianca to answer the following questions:

Q: What do I love most about Yoga?
A: When I am broken and battered, yoga is there. When I am exhausted and drawn, yoga is there. When I calm and grounded, yoga is there. When I am happy and brave, yoga is there. When I breathe, and move my arms and stand strong on my legs, I am there!

Q: What do you enjoy most about teaching?
A: When you can vividly feel the air, heavy and thick with a complete sense of peace when students are in Savasana at the end of class. It melts my heart


Kirstie had been a student at our Centre attending classes regularly since 2001 deepening her interest by attending 6 retreat’s run by the home of yoga.

After our 2009 retreat Kirstie was invited by Sam into the HOY teacher mentorship program beginning to assist in classes and at future retreats as well.

Kirstie also took an interest in the Breath work section of our retreats with Sam and was furt her mentored by Lena Kristina Tuulse a pioneer of Liberation Breathing in Europe who regularly partnered with us at HOY retreats.
Recently Kirstie completed two of Simon Borg-Olivier Yoga Synergy teaching trainings and is currently offering Spinal flow classes at the home of yoga.

Kirstie works as Registered Nurse, is a trained Shiatsu therapist with gifted healing hands, and a Tango Artiste extraordinaire who has lived and studied in Buenos Aires over an extended period of time.

The flavours of her experiences in healing and Tango are felt in how she teaches and often in the accompanying playlists.

Q: Why I want to teach yoga?”
A: To be happy and at peace, is to live in the present, not the future nor the past, the present. I want other people to benefit by living in the moment and being conscious and feeling good about it, and this is why I want to teach yoga.


Bowen teaches our Bhakti Yoga Class. Has been a student at the Home of Yoga for over ten years and entered the mentorship program.

His classes are enjoyed for Bowen’s devotional and playful nature, love of yoga asana, chant, sound and meditation.

Bowen is a registered psychologist with extensive experience in somatic therapies and trauma informed work. This gives his teaching a sensitivity and compassion.

Most of all he enjoys spiritual connection in the heart of community.


“I love Home of Yoga because of the feeling of being a real Yoga community as much as a school. I teach Yin/Yang, mindful, hatha yoga where the intention is to stay completely present in the body and breath, observing & exploring without judgement.

I like music and laughter in my class & the feeling of friends who do this together every week. The greatest thing I keep from my teacher Sam Weinstein is to create each class spontaneously from the people, the feeling, the weather and whatever else is in that moment. No rules, no goals, simply playing in and riding the energy of this moment and whatever arises.”


Jodie teaches a variety of classes at our center having a solid grounding in many styles. As a social worker Jodie is passionate about people overcoming their adversities to be the best version of themselves. Particularly women with young children.  

This passion pervades Jodie’s yoga classes in the most gentle and nurturing way. Jodie is a confident teacher that holds the yoga space with beauty and grace.

“My yoga journey began in my late teens where I dabbled in Hatha and Iyengar yoga. After many years searching for a deeper connection I made the commitment to training as a yoga teacher in 2011, which I completed in 2014.

I have had the honour of training and practising with teachers with backgrounds including; Astanga, Iyengar and Hatha vinyasa. I have been practicing and teaching at the Home of Yoga for the last 5.5 years. Sam and Sydel providing mentoring and support throughout this time. Yoga is my passion which I love to share, through fun flow based classes and restorative yoga.”


Valentina began attending both Sam and Sydel’s classes back in the Swanbourne days, well over twenty years ago and became a committed student attending regularly. 

Inspired to become a yoga teacher, Valentina trained intensively at the Byron Bay Yoga Centre in 2012. On her return she continued a mentor relationship with Sam and began to teach at the Home of Yoga. As a Special Education Teacher, Valentina also teaches yoga to her students at school.

Q: What do you love about teaching yoga?
A: I love sharing yoga asana’s, yoga wisdom and together entering a peaceful state of mind


We are excited to announce that Qigong and Meditation classes will be offered at the home of Yoga commencing end January 2020.

The classes are both healing and rejuvenating, connecting us with the body, the life force (chi), and the spirit (consciousness).

Andy Green commenced a daily practice of meditation when he was twenty. He has practiced Tai Chi, Bagua and Qigong for over 40 years, during this time he was taught by different Masters, studied in China at the Shaolin Monastery, and in the Taoist heartland in the Wudang Mountains. He is the director of the Wu Wei School.

Qigong translates as energy-work and the practices taught are for well being.  Each class will conclude with sitting meditation.

Stay tune for class times and beginning date.


Kavisha Mazzella is an ARIA award winning singer songwriter who also has a passionate interest in people singing together.

Besides touring with her own uplifting life affirming original songs she has lead many choirs and has taught many vocal workshops. Kavisha’s workshops are more about playing with the voice and discovering a heart connection with your own voice and sharing that connection through song with others.

Formerly based in Melbourne, Kavisha has returned to WA and will be a vocal teacher /guide at Home of Yoga.

Kavisha Mazzella AM “A power and presence that’s beyond words” Colum Sands

ARIA award winner and songbird Kavisha Mazzella original song’s lyrical ingredients include humor, poetry, social justice and the spiritual. Combine this prowess with the voice of an angel and you have the experience of a Kavisha concert. Singing in English and Italian, she will take you on an uplifting boundary-riding journey of well-crafted stories and songs ringing with echoes of Celtic, Fado and Gypsy influences that will strike a resounding chord within. With 7 solo albums under her belt, she has sung and given vocal workshops at national music festivals and abroad.

In 2011 Kavisha was awarded an Australia Day Honor for her contribution to music and reflecting the experience of refugee, multicultural and indigenous communities through performance.


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