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06octallday07Simon Borg-Olivier: Bringing Yoga Anatomy & Physiology to Life (Part A Only)


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Simon Borg-Olivier MScBAppSc(Physiotherapy)APAM C-IAYT has over 35 years experience teaching yoga and inspiring people all around the world. He is an international yoga teacher, physiotherapist & research scientist and most importantly a fully integrated yogi who practices and teaches with heart, love, passion & compassion.

In Simon’s words:
“I am not simply teaching you where your muscles and bones are, I want to show you what to do with your muscles and bones in posture, movement and breathing to make your make your life better by improving health, fitness, well-being and longevity. Learning anatomy and physiology alone will not allow you to do that.”

Learn about bandhas, kriyas and mudras: discover how to use asanas, vinyasas, kriyas, bandhas, mudras and pranayama to increase strength, flexibility and internal health, improve circulation and bring energy to every cell in your body. This is not dry anatomy, but a high-energy, interactive experience, where Simon brings the body to life.

This course is an essential for serious yoga teachers, teachers in training and anyone who is really interested in learning how to use correct posture, movement and breathing and an effective authentic practice of yoga to positively effect your physical body, your energy and your mind

Course Outline

PART A: Module 1:
Saturday & Sunday 6-7 October 2018 (18 hours total)

Module Title: “ How to make your arms and legs work effectively and use them to help the functioning of your spine and internal organs”

Module Description: In these two days Simon will give you an overview of the whole course and how a viable understanding of the balance between applied anatomy and applied physiology is essential for the effective practice of yoga. The focus in these two days is on how to effectively use the muscles and joints of the limbs and how their correct use helps the functioning of the whole body.

PART B: Module 2:
Monday & Tuesday 8-9 October 2018 (18 hours total)

Module Title: “How to move and act from your core to regulate your physiology and access your unconscious mind”

Module Description: In these two days Simon will teach you how to move and breathe from your core, which is the seat of the enteric nervous system, and which is known as kanda in Indian yoga, the origin of all the subtle channels of energy and information. He will give you key techniques that enable you to use your core to effectively improve the strength and flexibility of your spine and limbs, and to enhance the function of your internal organs. Mastery of these techniques allows you to be able to regulate your physiology and access your unconscious mind.

Each part is a self-contained course and may be attended independently.

Completing both modules, PART A and B, gives full accreditation with Yoga Synergy in Interactive Applied Anatomy & Physiology of Yoga, and that component of their teacher training.

Each module also gives 18 Continuing education points (CEP) with Yoga Australia.


Daily 9am – 6pm 


Part A & B (36 hours): $685
Part A only (18 hours): $440

Early Bird: Before August 30th
Part A & B (36 hours): $635
Part A only (18 hours): $390

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