#10 A gym membership to your favourite Gym you go to all the time instead of going to your Teachers Yoga School

#9 Deodorant.. Yoga Teachers like that au natural musky smell (try sprinkling Sandalwood Essential Oil on their yoga mat at least it will make it bearable) .

#8 Southern Comfort Whiskey  (He/She might drink it and break his neck falling out of the headstand)

#7 A smoked ham (aren’t all yoga teachers Jewish)

#6 A Mexican dinner full of beans (last thing you need is a yoga teacher with gas)

#5 A cappuccino maker (you want him to kill you as the coffee hits his veins with a power hot flow Iyengar,Astanga,Vinyasa class that lasts 6 hours)

#4 A trip to India you may never see him/her again

#3 Long Sleeve Shirts, I mean how are they going to show off their groovy Tattoos

#2 Vouchers to a Steakhouse .  Meat makes you aggressive and your vegetarian yoga teacher may    come back to class and yell at you and give you a few kicks in the butt.

#1 The Number one huge thing Not to Give Your Yoga Teacher for Any Holiday: A Huge Box of Irresistible Chocolates  and Candy. They might not fit in there skin tight Lululemon outfits anymore

Then what the Shiva can I give to My Yoga Teacher for the Holidays

The best thing you can give is your Attendance to the Yoga Classes they teach, it shows your gratitude and support of how they are teaching and sharing the Art of Yoga with everyone.

A Little Tipping won’t go wrong can we suggest the following

  •     Movie Tickets or Vouchers to Book Stores
  •     Vouchers to Health Food Restaurants and Health Food Stores
  •     Anything you made with your own hands
  •     Donations to all the Balinese People that are in Evacuation Centre’s,The      Homeless or Endangered Wildlife Funds or Anything that helps                      Refugees

Happy Holidays  

Hanukah   Kwanza  Solstice  Christmas