2016 brought us many situations and meditations about life, some of them difficult and some sweet.

  • Global warming became real to many. Here in Western Australia the Ocean is 5 degrees warmer so the sharks come in to cooler coastal waters to feed. Sadly we also surf and swim in this new feeding ground . We have all felt the sadness at the number of beautiful surfers that have lost there life in this way in .
  • Syria War and Refugees in 2016 is the Oh My God can this really be happening of 2016
  • Flooding of the rainforest threatening to uproot the amazon tribes that call it home
  • A young girl is once again horribly raped on a public bus in India and death takes her away. Now so late finally the Indian Govt. Admits they must do something.
  • Guns killed so many in the USA including precious young school children are gunned down and killed. The whole world grieves
  • Australia continues to imprison boat people trying to flee from the torture and war’s of their own land.
  • Here in Australia huge homes everywhere with only two or three people in them and huge SUV (suburban 4 wheel drives) are like a plague just to drive the kids to school clogging the roads and the air. Driving the same distance that 50 years ago many of us took joy in riding out bikes to school.
  • Is the Yoga world free of this ? We would love to think so, after all yoga means unity. The reality is that the consumerism and competitiveness  of today’s world has leaked into yoga and is forcing us all to re-evaluate many aspects of the modern yoga world .

All fairly bleak is it not? Ok together as one big community  it may be time to take a deep breath of hope, faith and charity.

“Be The Change”

As we know hope is eternal and the cup in life is always half or even full. So many miracles are everywhere around us that what is in future can only be a grand wonderful time ahead of us . We can set aside judging things and then just unconditionally accept and love ourselves and others. Allowing our planet and all living things to heal and Transform.
Yoga : It is true things are going through, lets say a time of adjustment. We now have so many styles of yoga to choose from. Literally a style exists for everyone. Also imagine in 20 years some of these super short yoga courses many of us complain about  and then the new yoga teachers that did these short courses will of really expanded and be the fantastic teachers of tomorrow.  Perhaps we will of even gone beyond what style of yoga it is and it will all just become Yoga, one big flower with many petals.

We have our own yoga clothing and food and products we can actually live and eat so much easier in the yoga way then when I started in the 70’s .  Back in those days we had to make baggy old clothing by hand to yoga in and we looked like we were wearing sacks and it was hard work to eat consciously. To really gain knowledge on how to teach you had to live in India which is far away and not an easy place to visit with its heat and tummy bugs. Today the best yoga in the world is often in your own hometown as  there are many great yoga teachers all over the world (yes of course it is very cool and amazing to still go to India). With so many doing yoga today it shows the promise to transform and bring us into one big global village that can actually effect change politically and socially. Yes we have a learning curb ahead of us.  Just think of how exciting it will be to have so many more Yogis’s around to give and receive hugs.

Miracles are everywhere for all of us all the time. Here are some of mine that convince me that the world really is a great place and worth saving.

My list of miracles

  • I have been happily married for over 31 years now a light in my life.I have two wonderful sons who I love and respect and love and respect me back.
  • I have been doing yoga now for 47 years and its mysteries still excite me in my life and the journey goes on.
  • I can see the hope of the new world in my sons eyes and this then gives me hope.
  • This had been a year of good friends free of BS and who love me for who I am and also love life So many new ones and old ones as well brighten my life.

Should I with my meagre gifts of empathy and more

Predict for 2017

  • I see huge gifts of hope faith and charity not only for many individuals but for the Planet
  • Dreams of those around us come true. I see a few inhibitions drop away like a runner throwing off clothing once they hit the nude beach
  • Of course I also see aliens landing. A good friend winning the Oscar and all Americans embracing  Gun Control and turning all there guns in. Of course my level of prediction may have some flaws and lets just hope a bit.

I just want to say please be inspired by the beauty in our world. The songs, the trees, the animals, the oceans . Oh so much beauty let it inspire you to not only sit back but to step up jump off your yoga mat hug someone and let the world know you care and find a way that makes a difference and helps to produce positive change.