Healing Immersion & Weekend Training

with Cat Kabira

February 21st - 23rd

An Invitation to explore and train in Yoga Energetic's with International Yoga Teacher Cat Kabira of the Kabira School of Energy


Healing Immersion with Cat Kabira - February 21st - Friday Night


Healing Immersions with Cat Kabira are designed to deepen our connection to our intuitive, healing selves as well as refine our relationship to self, each other and the universe. Cat has a lifetime of exploration and work with psychics, healers, shamans, medicine people, yogis, monks, therapists, bodyworkers, and plant medicine. Some would call this work shamanic, some biodynamic craniosacral, some would call it healing work, some would say it’s somatic therapeutics. The reality is that it is all of that plus something more. Cat calls it “Kabira Energetics”.

This night is a healing space for everyone who feels pulled to come. All are welcome. No prior experience is needed.

Friday night is an open door to the world of Yoga energetics and healing.


Venue Home of Yoga -  $45/ Concession $35 - 6pm to 8.30pm - Bring a Pillow

Flow from the Source:  A weekend Training  with Cat Kabira - February 22nd- 23rd 


An Invitation to explore and train in Yoga Energetic's with International Yoga Teacher Cat Kabira of the Kabira School of Energy

Curious about subtle energy?

This 12 hour training is your initiation in understanding your own energy body and how this shows up in your relationship with others and…your entire reality. This is also an initiation to hands-on energy healing with others. This training will open up skills that can be integrated into your yoga practice and teaching.

All Welcome - Yoga teachers, yoga practitioners, anyone who’s open and feels called to show up. No experience necessary. Come as you are!

Dynamic, practical and life-changing, this training is an opportunity to experience a whole new world as well as connect to a deeper truth within you that you’ve always known. The Native Americans say that we have 13 senses. This is your space to respect your own sensitivity and discover your way to sense energy.

What we will get curious about:
• The importance of grounding and how to ground
• The true meaning of boundaries
• Understanding your energy field as well as your chakras
• What creates holes in our energy field and how to strengthen them
• How to Function Healthily as an Empath
• How to approach and listen to the field in someone else
• The Importance of being neutral and the Witness and understanding projection
• An Introduction to Kabira Energetics (which includes a background in biodynamic craniosacral therapy, spiritual psychology and shamanism)
• Learn a hands-on energy practice in working with others in bringing life force back into the body
• Strengthening Your Life Force: Your energy body and how it relates to your health and what creates blockages
• What is biodynamic craniosacral therapy?

In this context, we learn how to feel the energetic tides (or flow) in the body and develop awareness of our own fluid nature. We will also sense what it means and feels to sense our own energetic fields, the fields of others, as well as “The Field” or entire healing space of the room.

We see the power that occurs when we become the witness and how the body has its own potential to heal itself once its inherent wholeness is recognized. We understand the power of our own personal presence, how the consciousness and integration in our own field influences others, and recognize the transformation that occurs for everyone when we ourselves remember who we truly are.

This is an invitation to use your senses and your brain in a whole new way and to wake up your multi-dimensional intelligence. Perfect for those of you new to the energy world and to seasoned practitioners looking for a different approach.

Cat Kabira is known for her powerful, refreshing, and unique way of working with energy. Her goal is to empower you to discover, own, and expand your own superpowers.

This weekend includes personal practices in working with our own energy as well as some hands-on (and hands-off techniques) in working with others.

This course is part of and a step into the longer programming in Kabira Energetics so stay tuned if you're hungry for more!

Saturday 22nd Feb 10am- 1pm & 2pm-5pm     -   Sunday 23rd Feb 10am- 1pm & 2pm-5pm
Full Value $375  - Early Bird $345 Dec. 30th - Limited to 25 places

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"Kabira Energetics

Some would call this work shamanic, some biodynamic craniosacral, some would call it healing work, some would say it’s somatic therapeutics. The reality is that it is all of that plus something more. Cat calls it “Kabira Energetics”.

Here is what Cat discovered which led to the creation of some of the basic tenets of this work:

PERSONAL POWER & TRUST: We have been programmed that in order to know something, in order to have intelligence, we have to study with someone else and have them tell us what to think. This belief robs us of our own personal power and self-trust. Part of what strengthens our field and flow is regaining our ability to trust ourselves.
DIFFERENT ENERGY SYSTEMS: We all have different energy systems. It is important to recognize this because if we train and assume as if we all have the same system – then we end up looking for something that isn’t there or even trying to create something that does not want to exist.
LATENT PERCEPTIONS: We can be inhibited simply because we aren’t fully feeling and also parts of our brain, learning, and ability to perceive are latent.
OUR INNER INTELLIGENCE: We have an inner intelligence that is beyond the thinking and rational mind. Part of our initiation into seeing, feeling, and sensing these subtler realms is to step out of our conditioned ways of perceiving and functioning and begin lighting up those parts of our brain that have been latent.
OUR FIELD: We can sense the waves, the tide, and the field. We have the ability to discover our own field and where we may have rips and holes as well as the thinking, habits, and patterns that create this.
EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED: We understand that everything is connected (as well as to Source) from our mental, emotional, psychic, physical levels…and that our field creates our reality. And that we are connected to the reality around us and that we are inter-dimensional beings.
OUR SENSE-PERCEPTION: We all have the ability to move out of a more mental level and into a feeling sense. We wake up our sense-perception at different levels so we can feel our truth more in the core of our being.
OWNING OUR CENTER: We can find and own our center and recognize when we have left ourselves.
SELF-ACCEPTANCE: Part of coming back to wholeness is to stop having problems with ourselves and to regard ourselves with true loving-kindness.
SELF-PRESERVATION: We understand our own capacity out of self-preservation to split, fragment, hide, and disassociate. We recognize when we leave and why and how to bring ourselves back.
BOUNDARIES: We can fully understand our boundaries and the importance of them to maintain integrity in our work. We are also aware of when and how we project on others and when that is happening. We begin to sense the energetic patterns that happen not just within ourselves but as we connect with one another.
THE NEUTRAL MIND: We know the importance of the “don’t know” mind and are careful with how we observe and listen so that we can see fully.
RECOGNIZE OURSELVES AS CREATORS: We are co-creators of our entire reality. Our greatest power is meeting ourselves within and witnessing how our field, and as an extension, our whole reality, changes.
Part of this work is waking up and embrace our sensitivity. There is no way we can hold space for someone else if we haven’t met ourselves. The more you have met yourself, the more possibilities for healing you will allow in someone else."

Come and share in the Journey join us this coming February