Beginners Yoga

6 Week ‘Essentials for Beginners’ Course  every Wednesday 5.30 pm

Places Limited to ensure individual attention

Get fit, reduce stress, & improve your health.


Next Intake Happening June 2020

This course is open to men & women of all age groups and fitness levels

Transformational Based Alignment Yoga (T.A.B.Y.)

T.A.B.Y. is suitable for all students of yoga from beginners to experienced. T.A.B.Y supports students to develop understanding of the benefits of  alignment, sequencing and longer timings.  Students are always encouraged to only go to their edge!

This allows for the introduction of how to work with basic and more challenging poses alike.  Alternative poses are  offered for any poses students might not feel ready to try.  Emphasis is placed on only going to your personal limit in all  poses and finding your own personal alignment.  A deeper yoga for everyone!

Why Everyone Should Try T.A.B.Y!

T.A.B.Y is a form of Hatha Yoga.  The advantages of  being taught at Home of Yoga are:

  • Clear instructions are given detailing how to get into the postures so that you get the benefits of being there.
  • Due to the clear instruction and use of props you are able to perform the asanas correctly, making the postures accessible to both young and old.
  • All yoga classes, including Beginner classes, are taught in carefully planned levels.
  • The teachers take the time to give assistance, and know how to do so in an appropriate manner. Every posture is taught in steps so they are easier to do and learn.
  • Over time, you are trained in how to do inverted postures like shoulder stand safely or if you need alternatives other simple inversions using a wall for support. A significant proportion of yoga benefits come from inversions.
  • All teachers are trained for 400 hours as a minimum, over three years. You will find that many Yoga Teachers are brand new and do not have this level of training, our teachers teach safe methods and are well versed in the use of props and the treatment of old injuries caused by accidents or from being out of alignment. Our motto is “only go to your edge”. You can count on effective instruction. You’re in good hands at The Home of Yoga.
  • Yoga classes are highly verbal and precise, with guidance provided to help with alignment and doing the posture well.
  • Yoga is a powerful tool to reduce stress and in turn helps total physical and spiritual well-being.
  • There is minimal chance of injury with alignment based yoga, because of the knowledge of teachers and props that assist in minimising the risk of injury or strain.

6 week Beginners Yoga Classes



Address, Parking, & What You Need to Know Before Class

We have moved to 19 Blinco street Fremantle Fibonacci Centre above the Cafe

The things you need to know before your first class

We know that your first yoga class can be scary.  We’ve been there too.  Don’t worry; you don’t have to be fit or flexible.  You don’t need special yoga clothes and you don’t even need a yoga mat.

Please turn up 10-15 minutes early, and wear comfortable clothes.

If you have questions, or you have any online queries, please do not hesitate to call:

Sydel 0414 636 459.

What students say about Home of Yoga

“I love Home of Yoga! The energy is awesome and always what is needed”

Kelly Costa

“Engaging classes, deep practice, involved community. Sam and Sydel bring a wonderful taste to yoga.”

Tanja Luck

“Absolutely love Home of Yoga, great atmosphere and awesome teachers”

Simon & Anne-Claire Laing