The Home of Yoga brings all of our work from the last twenty-five years together with our new courses ,events like Leelafest and Retreats in Australia and Internationally allowing us to reach out both locally and internationally to all those that love the yoga of life.Yoga Studio in Perth

The founders of The Home Of Yoga, Sam and Sydel Weinstein, had been on a journey of vibrant Indian ashrams, yoga masters, and the search for the perfect wave. In 1985 they moved to Western Australia, were married and opened their first Australian yoga school. Sam and Sydel had a joint vision of a school based on love and acceptance of body, mind and soul. A school practicing traditional hatha yoga with an emphasis on BKS Iyengar’s system of details, alignment, and breath. Their vision also included a sister school which would support families with healthy natural birthing and parenting.

Sam and Sydel held their first classes in Perth while Sam was still recovering from a serious accident that caused him multiple injuries and altered the course of their lives. Crutches and a broken foot meant that a motorcycle was the easiest way for Sam to travel. Sydel sat on the back of the motorbike making sure that Sam’s crutches didn’t fly away and this is how they arrived to teach their first yoga class. Sam’s path from no mobility to walking unaided took over four years. During this time, Sam used yoga to heal is body. Sam’s journey to recovery has installed a sense of patience and compassion in his teaching.

Sam developed his own style of hot power and cool therapeutic yoga classes Called Transformational Yoga . These classes become very popular with his students, which started to grow in number. In search of a larger centre, Sam and Sydel relocated their yoga school from Fremantle to Cottesloe and then to Swanbourne, where their students enjoyed the close proximity of the ocean waves and the occasional dolphin viewed from the centers window.

At this time a lovely contingent of pregnant women and babies were attracted to the centre. Sam and Sydel responded by running their own style of pregnancy yoga with lots of sharing and support. As babies were born so was parent and baby yoga and along with them, their sister organisation, the Family Nurturing Centre. Now their yoga school was not only full of headstands but also women breast feeding and doing yoga with babies in their arms. Their motto became; “it takes a village to raise a child”.

It has now been twenty-five years of yoga, meditation and families. The integration of all these experiences has led to the birth of the Home of Yoga.